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Player Contact: [plurk.com profile] oswaldears
Timezone: EST
Are you over 16: Yes

Character Information
Character Name:
Philip Hamilton
Canon: Hamilton: An American Musical
Canon Point: Post-death
Emblem: I will leave this up to the Mods' good judgement.

Character History and Personality: Philip was born near the end of the American Revolution to Eliza and Alexander Hamilton. He lived a fairly comfortable life; much better than the terrible conditions his father had to endure as a child, at any rate. Growing up as the oldest son of a famous war hero and America's first Treasury Secretary definitely had an impact on his personality. Alexander is known for being a bit of a workaholic, and at times Philip felt he had to fight to earn his dad's attention. This continued, eventually morphing into a sense that he needs to not just live up to his father's expectations, but outshine them. He needed to be just like his father - only greater. After all, Pops didn't sail through life simply emulating what others had done before him, he went out and forged his own legacy. For Philip to do anything less than that wouldn't be right.

As a teenager, Philip's family became the subjects of America's first political sex scandal when Alexander published what has come to be known as the Reynold's Pamphlet. To avoid being blamed for one wrongdoing, Alexander released the very intimate details about an affair he had with a woman named Maria Reynolds. Not only was Philip realizing for the first time that his father was not, as he had believed, infallible -- he also had to struggle with all of America knowing it, talking about it, and judging the Hamiltons because of it.

Philip's personality is a mixture of both his parents'. The front he puts on would have many believe he is a replica of his father -- a big flirt, highly intelligent, and perhaps a little too-quick to jump to the defense of himself, a loved one, or what he believes. Under this layer is a much more gentle, much more nervous boy. For all that he tries to be his father, he has the calm and politeness of his mother. As the oldest of seven children he has learned how to take care of someone without, perhaps, all the frantic worrying his father would exhibit. He loves his family with all his heart, whether that's his parents or many siblings. He can and does often show a bit of a more playful side. He might not be the biggest practical joker on the planet, but he absolutely isn't totally serious either. Joking around with his sisters and brothers, or deliberately playing a song wrong to mess with his mother are certainly not out of the ordinary for him.

Some time shortly after graduating from King's College at the age of 19, Philip and some friends were witness to a man named George Eacker delivering a speech on the 4th of July. Eacker decided to use this platform to shit-talk Alexander Hamilton, which Philip absolutely could not abide. He confronted Eacker at a play, and by the end of this encounter he had decided to meet him next on the dueling ground. Despite being loud and quick to shout, Philip had never been a violent person. When he asked his father for advice on what to do, he was told to aim at the sky. Eacker surely would see this and decide not to shoot Philip either, and both men could leave the grounds with both their honor and lives in tact. The plan backfired when Eacker shot Philip, before they had even reached 'ten'. The bullet tore through his torso, lodging in his arm. He died shortly after in his parents' arms.

Powers: None, unless 'can yell very loudly', 'is pretty smart', or 'somehow has more freckles than skin' can count.


The Test Drive
From a former game
And another from the same game, only this time neither Philip or Alexander knew who they really were.


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